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gurmit kaur mit


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PostSubject: CAUTIOUSLY OPTIMISTIC!   Sat Oct 06, 2012 11:31 am

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa
Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh


Ajay Devgn to delete offensive content from 'Son of Sardar'

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It is a just a small victory; the battle is yet to be won. For this victory, we are grateful of S. Charan Singh Sapra who impressed upon the powers that be.

What if Ajay reintroduces some crap again before release? Who will check?
SGPC or AISSF or some more knowledgeable group of sikhs?

SGPC and AISSF were content with a “photo shoot” and ‘verbal’ assurances. They also bought Ajay’s baseless argument that trailer once released on Youtube cannot be removed.

Now how? The sikh panth would like some answers from the powers that be.

YSL recommends a 5 member team of eminent lawyers headed by Adv Navkiran Singh Ji. The team should include Adv Jatinder Pal Singh Uppal and few other eminent lawyers who were at the backend of this sustained effort. Bollywood, Censor Board and SGPC must understand that unless this team approves, movies showing sikh characters cannot be released.

We are cautiously optimistic for 2 reasons
(a) Ajay has yet not apologized to world-wide Sikhs – Remember 45Lakhs+ have seen that derogatory trailer. Just removing the dialogue is not good enough, what happens to the damage already done for over 2 months?

(b) Since the story synopsis that we read has 2 major defects. Will they be corrected?

1. Three generations of Animosity
That is a defamation of Sikhi by showing a Sikh Character. SIKHS believe in being NIRVAIR and seek SARBAT DA BHALA every time they do ardas.

2. Atithi Devo Bhavah!
That is the HINDU ethos. We have no special treatment for guests since SIKHS must see GOD in all, rich and poor alike. That is the whole premise of Langar! Script writers or Ajay has no idea!

How much more may be there, God only knows!

Ajay must give in writing an assurance that the 5 member team headed by Adv Navkiran Singh ji will be the final word for passing the script.

Until then, we will be sure that there is politics at work and possibly big money changing hands somewhere.

My Personal Opinion
Request to Bollywood, every time, when cornered, you claim to have read up on Sikhism and consulted prominent Sikhs. We should be looked upon as partners and we would like to help / educate the production team in all respects,
“If you have nothing good to say about Sikhs, just keep quiet and not say anything. That will be much better. We Sikhs will find our way out. Thank you so much.”

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perminder singh


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PostSubject: Re: CAUTIOUSLY OPTIMISTIC!   Wed Oct 10, 2012 11:22 am

agreed good post

waheguru ji sumatt bakhshan.
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